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Магазин Плагин 2.х.х [DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce 1.2.3

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Complete Change Log

Change: Reduced the number of queries needed to load the product view page
Fix: Fixed an issue where visibility checks were not being performed on add-on products before display on the product view page
Complete Change Log

Feature: Products that are on sale will have a distinct pricing badge
Feature: Physical products with only one applicable shipping method will have it set as default
Fix: If the shipping address changes, also reset selected shipping method for physical product (if it is no longer applicable)
Complete Change Log

Fix: Fixed various emails not sending correctly after upgrading to XF 2.0.12
Fix: Fixed an issue where the "Download demo" link would open in an overlay
Complete Change Log

Feature: Added display style options for Top Products and New Products widgets (grid vs list vs auto)
Change: The cart popup now displays the calculated order total and calculated item price (including discounts, shipping costs and sales taxes)
Fix: Fixed an issue where the Sale emails would send to banned users and users who had a user state other than "Valid"
Fix: Fixed an issue where a scheduled sale would not activate correctly
Complete Change Log

Feature: Guest orders (physical products only)
Feature: Added a setting for enabling the API system [placeholder for XF 2.1 feature]
Change: Added CSS classes to various elements in the product information sidebar
Fix: The phrase "mod_log.dbtech_ecommerce_product_prefix" was missing from the system
Fix: Fixed a HTML validation issue with the product information sidebar
Complete Change Log

Feature: Product Count, License Count, Amount Spent and Is License Distributor criteria can now be used when searching for users
Feature: Income statistics are now available in the AdminCP, showing a breakdown of income per product as well as the total overall income
Feature: Users with the appropriate permissions can now see their own income stats if they receive commissions from sold products
Feature: You can now choose between new thread and reply to existing thread when updating products
Feature: A new per-style "rating circle" has been added as an alternative way of displaying the review / rating information on the product page. (thanks to Nulumia for providing the code).
Change: Various "delete" actions in the AdminCP have been reworked slightly
Change: Added install-upgrade.json
Fix: It is now possible to leave a review for a digital product that does not have a download associated with it
Fix: The "New products" widget would not respect the category limitations as intended
Fix: The "Sale" banner would not display correctly in RTL language styles​
Update highlights

This release is a minor release that simply removes extra debug output that was accidentally left in the Checkout page.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Removed debug output accidentally left in the Checkout template
Complete Change Log

Feature: The "Income" block in the AdminCP can now be disabled via a new setting
Feature: Downloads are now searchable in the AdminCP, similar to log pages
Change: When a staff member downloads a licensed product from another user's license list, the staff member will no longer auto-watch the product
Change: Breadcrumbs have been added for the various "delete" overlays, making navigation easier if these overlays are instead opened in a new tab
Change: The "Add license" button now uses the "call to action" colour to distinguish it from other buttons on that page
Fix: Fixed a CSS issue with the product pricing row after the XF 2.0.10 update
Complete Change Log

Change: The "Downloads" AdminCP area no longer attempts to load 300 downloads
Fix: Fixed a couple issues with orders that resulted in billing address not being required as intended
Fix: Fixed a timezone issue with the Commission Payments page
Fix: Fixed missing order reminder email phrase
Complete Change Log

Change: The "Simplified download interface" option is now compatible with Attachments, and the restriction has been lifted
Change: Address is no longer required if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: Invoices can no longer be generated for orders without an address
Change: Sub-total and Sales tax is no longer displayed on the Checkout screen if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: Coupon and VAT input fields are no longer displayed on the Checkout screen if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: A "Download" button has been added for all digital products in the license list
Change: A new information label has been added to the license list if required license information is missing
Change: A new error message has been added to the simplified download list interface if required license information is missing