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Магазин Плагин 2.х.х Threadmarks Pro 2.1.9

  • Автор Admin
  • Дата создания
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  • Improve XF1 upgrade installer code path, tweak two expensive data migration queries to 1 somewhat expensive query.
  • When viewing a threadmark list, embedded view is collapsed/hidden, but for the full list it is visible. This is state is stored in local storage.
  • Fix installer when upgrading from XF1 Threadmarks
  • Fix searching just posts not returning any results.
    • Does not require rebuilding the search index
  • Rework installer to be more robust.
    • Ensure the src/addons/SV/Utils folder is also uploaded! If it exists, just overwrite.
  • Add sort option to threadmark widget (threadmark date vs content date)
  • Per-author stats now consistently reports the content author, not the threadmark creator
  • Per-author stats now is cachable
  • Rework selection logic for non-continuous ranges;
    • Guests prefer the start of the threadmark list
    • Members (with no unread items) prefer the end of the threadmark list
    • Members (with some unread items) cluster around unread items and then prefer the end of the threadmark list
  • Fix moving threads
  • Fix off by 1 error with the "x hidden" threadmark on-hover tool-tip when non-continuous ranges are in the threadmark list.
  • Fix hard deleting threads
  • Thread Starter Alerts integration
  • Add threadmark sort link to the threadmark index options list
  • Threadmark index/list now loads in overlay
  • Fix Sort linked contents would return an empty template
  • Fix post merging support
  • Add global option to disable the "Index progress" field on a threadmark index
  • Fix deleting/unapproving threadmarks could damage position ordering
  • Fix 'hidden range' loader for threadmarks list could fail and load the threadmark index into a row
  • Fix error when editing threadmark index
  • Fix error on undelete/unapprove/approve threadmark index pages
  • Fix explain text for "Use threadmark category text for Index label on post" option
  • Fix missing svThreadmarks_sort_linked_content phrase
  • Fix "remove contents" threadmark index action link showing up for users without permission
  • Fix threadmark index cropper not working
  • Properly extend client-side phrase list, allowing translations to reliably work
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